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Business advertising is a vital part of business and is also an essential element for the promotion of your products and services. Even though an advertising campaign is already included within the company’s marketing plan, the small businesses when hearing the word advertising, fret that it won’t fit their budget that is not true at all times.

The type of advertising you choose has got a significant impact on the cost. A basic advertising campaign is as simple as the designing of a professional flyer that needs to be distributed throughout the community for increasing your service and product awareness.

Flyers and Sell Sheets

Even though flyers and sell sheets are similar, they have got different uses. The flyers have got a limited content and focus on particular coupons, statements and discounts. The sell sheets on the other hand specify services and products that you are trying to sell. It also gives the reader the required information to decide in case they require an item.

This means that if you are looking for a cost efficient way to market your screen printing, promotional products company or embroidery, you need to design flyers for the creation of marketing pieces to either mail, print out or email.

One Page Marketing Tools

Sell sheets also called flyers are informative; one page marketing tools showcasing a service or a product. They are direct and to the point. The sheets are designed to make a positive impression in an instant. They are suitable for folder inserts and the trade show materials. They are also great when it comes to making a great leave behind the sales calls. Flyers are also an efficient and economical way for keeping your product information up to date and fresh.

Product sell sheets and flyers are another advertising form, sometimes used at the tradeshows. They are placed in mailers, in newspapers, and in holders located in the specific market locations. They are also an inexpensive way for the promotion of a service and a product. You can always put in particular information to drive potential customers to visit or call your website. People also use flyers as a way to distribute discount coupons to the targeted audience.

Who Uses Flyers?

Most of the business owners use custom flyer design for the marketing and advertising of their business events, services and products. Business flyers are also a common marketing practice which fit in almost any industry or business. This makes flyers universal.

Why Advertise with Flyers?

Flyers are a simple and an inexpensive approach to get the word out. A lot of business owners start out with the limited financial resources for the advertising, in order to keep the costs down and to get the word out quickly, thus making advertising with the flyers an effective promotional means.

We also offer customization of either a pre-designed or the designing of your very own piece from a blank template. Both these options allow personalization of the flyer design with your company information to set your own price. You can also use the blank template option to choose the products that we carry in our catalog.

So choose to sellout your services through the flyers and sell sheets in the most inexpensive